Neirune's hair is silver, with a black streak on his left side above the eye that he braids to the side above the left ear at which point the braid ends and the rest of the hair is then pulled to the back of his head. The hair of his sideburns falls to the lower of his pecs and is held with black metal clamps. The rest of his silver hair is held back by hair from the sides pulled into a ponytail. His eyes are solid black in the center and lighten as it continues to where the white of the eye would be. His facial features other than the eyes look fairly normal for a Drow; smooth with a hint of roughness and elongated, though his overall proportions, his eyes, and his jaw-line structure combined with the rest of his physique give Neirune an unearthly beauty. He stands reserved yet poised at sixty-four inches and is of a relatively healthy build. When he walks there is a hint of sure footing like that of a skilled dancer. He tends to be quiet and does not like to talk much as he believes that others will be unsure of him, as he is of his past. His skin is of dark gray and he wears mooncloth robes edged with silver. The robes are loosely fitted on the arms and grow in length as they go toward the hands. The end of the arm-part of the robe is folded back and tied, but if untied would cover his hands with six inches of cloth. The bottom of the arm-part is cut so that it hangs at a point. His robes from the waist down look like multiple pyramid-cut sections with a wide section in the front and another in the back, both of which have the Dark Lady dancing with a Moonsword. These sections would blow with the wind or flare up during heightened prayer or casting. Neirune has a silver belt that is loop tied on his right side with his survival pouch and on his left side hangs a metal clad copy of the sacred writings of Eilistraee. Over his robes he has a Moonsilver Chain Shirt that dulls slightly during daylight but shimmers during moonlight. Over the Moonsilver Chain Shirt he has a mantle piece of mooncloth leather that hangs over the shoulders with two silver rings of about one inch radius that rest on his chest and each hold a long mooncloth leather strap down to his feet. These straps have written on them in Drow, "A rightful place awaits you in the Realms Above, in the Land of the Great Light. Come in peace and live beneath the sun again where trees and flowers grow." At the bottom of the two straps is another, different image of Eilistraee. These rings are also the hold for his mooncloth leather cloak that he wears at all times unless expecting strife. Around Neirune's neck hangs his silver Holy Symbol of Eilistraee. On his back, over the Moonsilver Chain Shirt, he carries a Moonsword that was gifted to him by the Church of Eilistraee upon reaching his worthy status. Even though he is a cleric in the service of the Dark Lady his ever so slightly hardened hands tell that he has skill with the weapon though rarely uses it.

Neirune's History

I have lost my memory. All I know is that of the Church of Eilistraee. This is all that they will inform me of: I have been saved, by the now dead High Elder Eestravyn, as a young child from destruction and have been taken care of here until now. They also tell me that my eyes are this way due to a spell gone awry. Though I know that the Church knows more then they are revealing and probably for good reason. Though I have no memory of my past I do not have an overwhelming craving to know it.... it is as if this place, my home at the church, has calmed my soul. Though occasionally I have dreams, some of which are nightmares, that I wake from knowing in my heart that they were my past. The most repeated dream is of a silver ring that turns black on my hand and engulfs me. I do not know what it means, but I believe it has to do with my choices before now. I tend to be quiet and do not like to talk much; I think that I am that way because I believe that others will be unsure of me as I am of my past.

It has been odd since The Lady sent me to aid, what I wish to call friends. I have had more dreams of my past than I have ever had before. I do not know if it is their company that entices my mind to dream or if it is this new fire of combat. Before, the Church has kept me close in practice of the Moonsword, dancing prayers, and my written lessons. Now, however, after fighting a minion of Lolth, which was oddly familiar, I remember being in a room of undead. That is all, I do not know what happens or happened of entering the room. Odd it is, hopefully I can continue to unravel my past, and hopefully it will not be one to regret though if it truly contains what I saw dreaming then it cannot be one to be praised for.