Mozz-Lan Tryl'harran

Mozz-Lan Tryl'harran is of average height and complexion for a Drow. Save for the complex forked lightning pattern of white scars on his face, maring his otherwise smooth dark skin. He is quite strong and agile though suffers from some of the typical frailty of his race.

Mozz-Lan prefers to wear dark clothing made from a sturdy but plain material. You will almost always encounter him dressed for battle, with his weapons at the ready. In addition to his custom made flail he has taken to wearing his gifted moonsword upon his back. He trains with both weapons each morning taking his practice quite seriously. As a back up weapon he carries a heavy looking long bladed knife at his side. Contrary to most warriors Mozz-Lan fights with a shield. Many have tried to convince him that a two handed style is more effective but so far the shield remains.

Other than his martial training he spends the rest of his time studying and devising new tactics for his limited but potent arcane abilities. He constantly reads any book he can get his hands on, he does little else.

Mozz-Lan's History

Mozz-Lan proved to be highly intelligent at a young age. He was to be sent off to be trained as a conventional arcane caster. A combination of ill luck, a series of mistreatment and the shattering of his core beliefs prevented this. He doesn't speak of it nor does he speak of how he left the mainstream Drow culture. He does little to hide his contempt for the greater Drow society, especially it's arcane casters.